Holiday Home Guests – Are They All Party Animals?

Grandparents at holiday homes


Grandparents at holiday homes

After a summer of back to back bookings, we have had a rotating door of different guests staying at our properties and our own holiday home. The AHA and some registered accommodation providers would like people to believe this causes disruption and chaos in the local communities. Let me tell you about our experience of the different guests that we dealt with this summer.

  • Couple A&B – have rented our personal holiday home over the Christmas and New Year period for the last 3 years. Have brought a Christmas Tree that they store in our shed and pedestal fans for the house as they felt the back room needed a little more airflow. They treat the house, arguably better than we do. They are an absolute delight to deal with every year.
  • Guest C – offered to fix a back tap on a property that the noticed was leaking. Their husband was an engineer and they assured us it would take him no time at all. Although this was an extremely generous offer, the homeowner said they’d prefer the guest to just enjoy their stay and got contractors out to fix it instead. The thought was lovely though and just shows the calibre of guests that holiday homes can attract.
  • Guest D – a bond was accidentally refunded twice to this guest due to a glitch in the payment gateway matrix. Thankfully it was a one off but he could have easily taken this money and run. Instead he contacted us and paid the amount back in full, even after being told to keep some of it for his trouble. Honest to a fault.
  • Guest E & F – Unfortunately they had to cancel their credit card which meant the bank froze all transactions, including the amount they had paid for their weekend away with WA HomeStay. It took months to recover this money as the banks had to go through their checks and balances. However, the guests were amazing and made it clear to the bank that ours was a genuine transaction to be honoured.
  • Guest G – Was booking a couple of days away with her terminally ill father. She was concerned as she wanted to make final payment but due to her father’s illness wanted to see what would happen if she had to cancel. We were able to talk through her options. Thankfully they were able to enjoy their time away with no issues.

Cheers at a holiday home

So are they all angels?

Does this mean no guests made noise throughout their stay? Of course not. People all over Western Australia, whether they were in holiday homes or their own houses celebrate big occasions. Neighbours will be impacted, occasionally. At least with registered holiday homes, the neighbours have some recourse. Complaints can be made with the local council to make sure the homeowner is aware of the disruption.

What this does show though is how wonderfully ordinary our guests are. They are everyday people who want to enjoy a holiday with their loved ones. Usually they treat the property with the upmost respect. A lot of the time they will go above and beyond the home owners expectations. So, thank you to all of our beautiful WA HomeStay guests and we look forward to hosting you again soon!

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