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Holiday in WA with COVID 19

Have you been dreaming of your next holiday in WA while stuck inside, with nowhere to go? Maybe you had kids isolating with you (I had three, 10 years and under … I feel you parents 👊). Or you were missing out on your grandkids hugs or face to face drinks with friends. The last 2 months have been intense for everyone. Our Tourism Sector, especially has been crucified with cancellations and border restrictions. All of the Government’s actions has been based on medical advice to protect us and the vulnerable in our society. We know why all the drastic measures were taken but it doesn’t mean it was easy or that the cost to some were far higher than others. However, thankfully we are currently ahead of Covid 19 in WA and our State is now able to enjoy some intrastate travel with those we love!

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Although this is exciting, some people are still concerned (and rightfully so) about COVID 19 spreading. So what can we do as travellers to keep ourselves safe? Here are some tips that might make you feel better travelling.

Tips for your next Holiday in WA with Covid 19:


One of the reasons WA got ahead of COVID 19 is that the majority of us did the right thing. Some of that included sacrifice, not seeing Nana for a weekly coffee or giving your best friend a hug when you know she needed it. We still need to be community minded when we travel. This has been tough to put society above your individual wants. However, when you are planning to travel, if you are unwell you need to think about cancelling or taking the right precautions ie. getting test results.

Currently the West Australian government wants you tested if you have a cough, fever etc. So ring the COVID Healthline. Work out if you need to get tested and if they say you do…. then actually do it. Even if you know it’s a cold, just do it. Then wait for your results before you travel. Don’t travel while results are pending. You do not want to be that person that locks down intrastate borders again because you travelled with a “cold” that turned out to be something far worse.

But maybe don’t take it this far 😂
Travel in WA Covid 19


If you want some assurance about the level of cleaning that a property has undertaken, just send them an email. The cleaners are working over time to ensure the holiday homes are safe. However, even the scientists are still working out how this virus operates. So, there may be different approaches between houses. The good news is that holiday homes allow you to maintain social distancing from the public. This is far more effective then if you were using shared facilities in hotels or other high density accommodation options.


If you want to be extra safe perhaps take the steps I use to when my children were younger:a)When entering a holiday home, I would put all the utensils, glasses and plates that we were going to use into the dishwasher. This way I knew they were clean.b) Due to COVID 19 and the fact the virus likes to “stick” to some metal surfaces longer, perhaps take some antiseptic wipes down with you. Go over the door knobs/lock box etc. Cleaners are doing this but in the end it is for your own peace of mind.Covid 19 cleaning


Not all businesses are open yet and some are operating with number restrictions. It is super important to ring ahead and make a booking. This will ensure your holiday runs smoothly and you are not disappointed if you are not allowed in. The local businesses down there are so, so excited to have you all back. They can’t wait to shower you with amazing customer service so get out there and enjoy. Make sure you tell us about your experiences with the local businesses. So we can promote them on our socials, tag #WAHomeStay or #StayinWA.


We live in the most amazing State. Get out there, visit the incredible holiday destinations and fall in love with them all over again. Remember, by supporting local WA businesses you are keeping money in the WA economy, which is good for us all. When you are next looking to book a WA holiday, don’t use an international booking platform. Book with us at WA HomeStay, https://wahomestay.com.au. Save on booking fees and support WA at the same time 👌.

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