Cancellation Policies

WA HomeStay allows hosts to choose among three standardized cancellation policies (Flexible, Moderate, and Strict) It is up the host to arrange the refund to your account once you have cancelled. A 10% cancellation charge is applied to all bookings. The owner is under no obligation to refund the 20% deposit paid (in this instance the 10% cancellation fee is included within the deposit amount). All percentages quoted below do not take into account the deposit paid (if any). Each listing and reservation on our site will clearly state the cancellation policy. Guests may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their travel plans and then clicking ‘Cancel’ on the appropriate reservation. A host will be able to see the number of reservations a guest has canceled over the previous 12 months when the guest submits a request to book.


  • 100% refund up to 8 days before booking
  • 50% refund from 3-7 days before booking
  • 0% refund 2 days or less before booking
7 days prior
Thu, Jun 08
3:00 PM
2 days prior
Fri, Jun 09
3:00 PM
First Day of Stay
Mon, Jun 12
11:00 AM
21 days prior
Thurs 2nd June 3:00pm