Responsible Hosting

Welcome to WA HomeStay! We are excited that you have listed your holiday home on our site. Most of you have been excellent holiday home hosts for many years. You know how to make your guests welcome and give them a holiday to remember. For those who are new to hosting this page can give you some broad tips on being a responsible holiday home host. If you want more tips join our WA Home Owners group on Facebook.

One of the most important tips for being a responsible host, starts with your listing. Ensuring accurate information is included in your holiday homes listing, is the key to responsible hosting. Being upfront about your holiday homes location, nearby attractions and what facilities are available means your guests know exactly what to expect when they stay at your property.

Good communication is a vital part of being a responsible host. Keeping your guests informed and explaining the check in process thoroughly means your guests feel relaxed and ready to enjoy their holiday. There is nothing worse then not knowing how to access a property you are suppose to visit the next day. Try and provide check in information to your guests around 7 days before they are due to stay. This ensures they have plenty of time to read through the information and ask if they have any queries. It saves last minute phone calls.

Final responsible hosting tip is cleanliness. Ensure your holiday home is clean. No one enjoys walking into a house that hasn't been maintained. Your guests want to walk in and feel a sense of joy and excitement about their upcoming holiday.

Responsible Hosting is about creating a hassle free experience for your guests and making them feel like they have found their "home away from home".