WA HomeStay Guests

Welcome to WA HomeStay!

We are excited that you have decided to find your “home away from home” on our site. With a wide range of houses, enthusiastic hosts and amazing holiday destinations, we know you are going to find your perfect holiday home. So what does it mean to be a WA HomeStay guest? What our owners want is for you to have a wonderful holiday and just treat their home like it was your own.

Be respectful of the house, furniture and neighbours. Everyone loves having a great time on holiday: Eating good food, drinking good wine/beer and hanging out with the people we love. Our owners have opened up their homes so you can do this while enjoy the amazing holiday spots around Western Australia. Be considerate of their property and have a blast at the same time.

Read the information the owner provides you. A lot of our owners are excited about making your stay as comfortable as possible. They will provide you with information about the house rules, check in and check out procedures. Being aware of these things will enable you to have a hassle free holiday.

Follow the check out procedure set out by your home owner. A lot of our fabulous properties are booked out consecutively. By following the check out procedure you can ensure the house is cleaned and ready for the next guest to enjoy their holiday.

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